La Flûte enchantée

Season : 
Length : 
Song language : 
Conductor : 
Ayrton Desimpelaere
Director : 
Claire Servais
Number of performances : 
Dates : 
Sun, 29/01/2017 to Wed, 19/04/2017

Participatory opera, shortened version for young audiences

The young prince Tamino promises the Queen of the Night that he will release her daughter, the gentle Pamina, kidnapped by the Grand Priest Sarastro. Accompanied by Papageno, the bird-catcher who is as joyous as he is lazy and mendacious, Tamino will have to face the trials to which he is subjected by Sarastro in order to find the young girl with whom he has fallen in love...


This marvellous story describes love at first sight for two young people, drawn to each other by an indestructible love. But it is also an initiatory fable, in which the imposed trials open the doors to a new world, that of light and knowledge. This adaptation in French of Mozart’s masterpiece preserves all the force of intrigue and the very famous arias, such as that of the Queen of the Night. A “magic” ambience is guaranteed when the conductor turns towards the auditorium to allow the audience to intone the songs they’ve learned in advance in unison!