The Bars

The Bar of the Foyer Grétry
The Foyer Gretry [1st Balcony (+ 2) - Access zone 6 or 7] welcomes you to its prestigious surroundings before the performance and during the intermission to quench your thirst.

The Salazar Bar
The Salazar Bar [3rd Balcony (+ 2) - Access area 12 or 13], also welcomes you during the intermission in its most intimate and friendly atmosphere.


In order to access those bars easier, we recommend that you buy your drink-coins in advance at the ticket office (Monday to Saturday between 12h and 18h) or when you arrive at the theater, at the points of sale located up on the stairs of honor.

During the intermission, points of sale are also available at the entrance of the Salazar Bar.

Drinks menu