Opera and social cohesion

The spirit of openness, mediation and participative education is at the heart of the actions and programming of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège. Opening up means making sure that all persons who desire it - whatever their socio-cultural background - have the opportunity to draw pleasure, culture, open-mindedness and artistic sensitivity from the Opera.

For individual users
For each performance, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège reserves seats for recipients of Article 27 coupons.
(Reservations are opened around one month before the show)

For groups led by social workers
The mediation and education measures, organised in collaboration with Article 27 and social workers, encourage those who are not familiar with the operatic genre to step through the doors of the opera house by means of a show, an open rehearsal, a guided tour or even a made-to-measure event.