Opera and families

Shows for young audiences
Nabuccolo: an interactive opera for the very young, freely inspired by the Nabucco of Verdi. An invitation to musical awakening on the theme of freedom.
La Flûte enchantée: a participatory version adapted for young audiences of the magical work by Mozart.

Free "Discovery" activities
Artist for a day - Music first!: an afternoon for creating an original orchestra together.
At the opera in pyjamas!: a mysterious and musical evening reserved for children.
Come in... we're open: a big celebration for exploring the opera house, upstairs and down, as a family or among friends.
In the painter's studio: a gathering to mark the European Opera Days (JEO).
Made in Fête de la Musique: events that celebrate the “Fête de la musique”.

Under 14 free 
You enjoy a free seat next to you for your under 14 child at the season's big shows!