Thousands of children every season watch a show by the Opéra Royal de Wallonie as part of the educational programme.

This exceptional achievement fills us with confidence for the future and it is with great pleasure that we present a new programme – full of discoveries, we hope – every season.

Numerous activities
At the opera, all audiences are taken into consideration and the smallest do not fall short. We offer participative "young audience" shows (in which the children sing songs in the auditorium having learned them in advance in class), but also tours of the Théâtre Royal and its workshops, access to rehearsals, days for exploring the opera professions (free of charge), etc...

Educational tools
Educational tools help primary school teachers to prepare for their arrival at the opera, and event organisers from the young musicians project "Jeunesses musicales" come into school to provide introductions to the show and teach the songs.

How much does this cost?
Activities are free of charge or offered at competition-beating rates.