Opera & youths

Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège considers young people, up to 32 years of age, fully-fledged audience members.

Reduction, choice, booking
- Up to 75% off and even more on subscriptions.
- Access to all categories of seats.
- Opening of sale of Youth tickets and subscriptions at the same time as sale for adults.

Tailored offers and exclusive activities
In addition, to tailor the offering to the realities of young people’s agendas, according to age (exam sessions, young people in flat shares, school holidays, etc.), we have widened the choice of subscription packages:
- Subscription packages for 8, 6, 4 or 2 shows

Activities exclusively reserved for young people are lined up throughout the season:
- Apéropéra, contests, workshops...
Activities are free of charge and require registration. Programme available in September.

To ease your way through your 32nd birthday, there is a loyalty bonus available for young people who have been subscribers since age 26:
Link subscriptions - Loyalty - Have you been coming to the Opera since you were at least 26 years old, and have you now reached the age of 32? The Opéra Royal de Wallonie is pleased to welcome you by offering you a substantial loyalty reduction. Ask for information at the box office and don't miss the chance to visit us in optimum conditions... under the best terms.

For young people who wish to come as a group, tailored packages are on offer:
B2B youths subscriptions - Are you under 32 years of age? Do you like opera? Are you able to set up a group of fans or potential fans, also aged under 32? Discover our B2B youths offer and enjoy preferential tariffs for everyone, but also many other advantages.