What time does the performance start?
The time indicated on your performance ticket is the start time. Generally, this is 20.00 hrs in the evenings and 15.00 hrs on Sundays (but this may depend on the production, so please enquire). 

Do the performances actually start at the time indicated?
The performances always start at the time indicated. Late starts are very rare. If you arrive late, you will not be able to take your place until the interval.  Until then, you will be seated according to the availability in the auditorium.

How long does the performance last?
Each production is different.

Is there an interval?
There is usually an interval, but it is, however, preferable to check with the ticket office a week before the performances start.

In what language is the performance sung?
Each production is different. We indicate the language in which each is sung on the page on our website dedicated to it. Please note that each performance has surtitles in French, Dutch and German.

Can I obtain the programme for the performance?  Will I understand what is happening on stage?
Performance programmes are distributed free of charge but do not include the text sung(libretto). However, each performance has surtitles in French, Dutch and German. The surtitles are not visible from all seats. To avoid any surprise, please enquire at the ticket office. 

Can I take away a souvenir of the performance?
On performance days, photos of the performance are on sale at a cost of 3 euro.

Are books, CDs or DVDs available for sale?
The Opéra Royal de Wallonie has released several DVDs of its performances. These are on sale at the ticket office and through the usual channels at all good record stores.

From what age can I bring my child to the performance?
That depends on the nature of the performance. It is hard to imagine a child of under 6 attending a performance. We recommend that you enquire at the ticket office on a case by case basis. Please also note that we offer several productions aimed at young audiences each season.