Ticket office, prices & bookings

How much does a ticket cost?
Seat prices vary according to performance, category and age. Please see our pricing grid.

How can I buy tickets?
You have 3 options:
On line on our website, at the ticket office or on site, on the day of the performance. For this third option, please check availability at the ticket office. It is always preferable to buy your tickets in advance.

How can I pay for my tickets?
You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, Bancontact or in bash. Only credit cards are accepted for online purchases.

Can you send me my tickets by post?
We can send you the tickets by post up to 10 days before the performance. Standard delivery will cost you 2.00 € and registered delivery or delivery outside Belgium will cost you 6.00 €.

Can I collect my tickets on the day of the performance?
Tickets may be collected on performance days, two hours before the performance and up to 15 minutes before the start of the performance, from the ticket office of the place where the performance is taking place.
Are there any Last Minute deals?
Tickets sold on performance days are the same price as those sold in advance.

Are there any preferential rates for groups?
We offer group rates for parties of 15 people or more. More information

Are there any preferential rates for young people?
One of the main objectives of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie is to attract young people. We therefore have some preferential rates for the under-32s and others for the under-26s. More information: under-32sunder-26s.

Are there any preferential rates for children?
If you purchase a standard rate seat without a season ticket you are entitled to a free seat for one child aged under 14. More information

Are there any preferential rates for pensioners?
There are no preferential rates for pensioners.

I am a season-ticket holder. Can I let someone else use my season ticket?
Season tickets are registered to named individuals but may be transferred to third parties. However, a season ticket at the ClubOpér@ rate may be transferred only to a person in possession of a membership card who meets the age criteria for granting the season ticket.

I purchased my tickets somewhere other than at the Opéra. What is my guarantee?
We cannot be held responsible for any purchases made outside the authorised points of sale. The obligation to check is the responsibility of the customer. Never purchase a ticket from an unknown source. You would have no guarantee as to its validity.