Practical details

What should I wear?
There is no particular dress code. Business attire is perfectly appropriate.

How long before the start of the performance should I arrive?
For your convenience, we recommend that you arrive around 30 minutes before the start of the performance so that you can collect your tickets if don't already have them or else attend the introduction to the performance (free presentation).

How long before the start of the performance are the doors opened?
The bars of the Théâtre Royal de Liège open two hours before the performance. The auditorium is accessible half an hour before the performance.

Is there a car park? Is there a charge for this?
The Théâtre Royal de Liège does not have a public car park. To give you peace of mind concerning your vehicle during the performance, the Neujean car park offers you, upon presentation of your Opéra entrance fee (ticket or season ticket), a parking space for a fixed price of 5.00 €*.

Is there a cloakroom? Is there a charge for this?
The cloakrooms are available free of charge. For security reasons, you are required to leave jackets, coats and bulky bags there before taking your seat.  Each hook is insured.

Can I eat on site? Do I have to make a booking?
It is quite possible to have a hot meal on site from two hours before the performance. It is recommended that you make a reservation with our caterer. More information. However, it is still possible to get a small snack (tart, sandwich, etc.) during the interval.

Can I have a drink on site?
A bar is available in the foyer two hours before the performance, during the interval and for one hour after the end of the performance.

Can I smoke inside the Théâtre Royal de Liège?
The Théâtre Royal de Liège operates a strict no-smoking policy which we would ask you to respect.

Do you hire out binoculars?
We do not hire out binoculars but you are free to bring your own.

What temperature is it in the auditorium?
The Théâtre Royal de Liège is equipped with a system which allows the temperature to be regulated so that it is always pleasant.

How do I find my seat in the auditorium?
Our ushers are there to welcome you and to show you where to find your seat. They will approach you spontaneously when you enter the auditorium.

Is seating in numbered seats guaranteed?
Out of respect for the audience and the performers, seating in numbered seats is guaranteed only until the curtain rises. No refund or exchange will be accepted in the event of late arrival.

Can I film or take photos during the performance?
This is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to seize as a precautionary measure any technical media that has been used for recording and to seek compensation for the damages sustained.

Are there taxis nearby?
If you wish to obtain details of a taxi stand, please contact our staff at ticket office.