On site

Arrival at the Opéra
The Opéra's doors open two hours before the show, the doors to the auditorium half an hour before the performance. Cloakrooms (their use is mandatory) are available to you free of charge. Keep in mind that you will not be the only ones wanting to make use of them.

If the auditorium doors are closed, make yourself known to a member of the auditorium staff, who will guide you to a location where you can watch the first part of the opera. At the end of the interval, you will have access to the seat that you have booked.

Unoccupied seats
For practical reasons – particularly in case of a last-minute arrival – we ask our audience members to comply with the numbering of the received seats. This avoids confusion and, sometimes, annoyance that is not really in step with the inherent pleasure of the location and the show that is put on there.

Educational support
We can only advise you to look up documents about the opera that you will be attending. On this subject, the Internet – and our site in particular – is an inexhaustible source of information. However, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie invites you to the Salon Rossini, half an hour before the show, to hear an introduction pertaining to the upcoming opera. Equally, shows are surtitled in French, Dutch and German. Note, not all seats enjoy the same visibility. Our advice, therefore, if surtitling is important to you, is to ask about the best seating in this context when booking.

Recording the show
The new smartphones are a permanent temptation to immortalize a time like an evening at the Opéra. While we can only encourage you to take photos of our superb building, we ask you, out of respect for the artists, not to film during the show. Likewise, please take care to switch off your GSM or smartphone, as well as any electronic device, in order not to disrupt the performance. We thank you very kindly for complying with this request.

Eating inside the Opéra
You can eat at the Foyer Grétry from 2 hours before each show. You can also make your way to the Foyer Grétry during the interval or, a cosier option, to the Bar Salazar (open during the interval only) for a drink. To keep orders flowing, drink tokens are available for pre-purchase as soon as the Opéra's doors open. Note, for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness, you are not permitted to bring drinks and snacks into the building.

In compliance with current legislation, but also out of respect for all guests, we have decided not to offer a smoking area inside the Opéra. Therefore, the whole of the building, as well as the covered peristyle, must be considered a non-smoking area.