Guided tours
Built in 1820, the building now houses the Opéra Royal de Wallonie. Expanded for the first time in 1860, the building has just undergone a new transformation accompanied by a complete restoration. The set is perfectly suited to modern techniques.

Guided tours for school

"Les Jeunesses Musicales" organize guided tours of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie and take you behind the scene. A unique opportunity to discover the beautifully restored building and the variety of trades involved.

- For groups, min. 15 students
- Duration: 1h30

Days of visit are determined in advance and depend on the artistic calendar.

Thierry Maquet, Jeunesses Musicales
+32 (0) 4 223 66 74

Guided tours for the public

The Tourist Information Center of the City of Liège organizes, with its team of professional guides throughout the year, a series of visits of the building (duration: 1h30), either for groups or individuals.

Information & reservations

Halle aux viandes

Quai de la Goffe, 13 - 4000 Liège
+32 (0) 4 221 92 21



Virtual tour
Stroll in comlete freedom inside the Opera!

Find panoramic pictures of the auditorium, the great hall, admire the view from the royal box, imagine yourself in the foyer of the Opera for a brunch, take the lift to the 9th floor to the Rossius multipurpose room...

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