Shows in 2018: operas, concerts and shows for young audiences


Performances inside or outside the Liège Opera House: opera, concerts and shows for young audiences 119
Productions touring abroad2
Average occupancy rate of the performance hall (operas, concerts and shows for young audiences) 99%
% of the audience below 32 years of age 30%
Total footfall in the Opera house 103420
Number of young people attending the Opera 26770
Number of pupils who have visited the Opera on school visits 16700
Number of events programmed (shows, activities related to the shows and discovery activities) 381
Origin of visitors:
Province of Liège 57%
Rest of Belgium 26%
Netherlands 6%
Germany 4%
France 3%
Other countries 4%

Suite à l'évolution de la crise sanitaire, les activités suivantes sont annulées :  
 Les Vendredis de l'opéra ( 20 et 27 nov.) , Happy 200 ( 28 et 29 nov.).

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Regarding the evolution of the health crisis, the following activities are canceled:
 Les Vendredis de l'opéra ( 20th & 27th Nov.) , Happy 200 ( 28th and 29th Nov.).
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