Wednesday tutti quanti | Discovery Afternoon

It is possible to meet up at the Opera with friends of the same age thanks to the Young People’s evenings and the Kids’ evenings or during an afternoon of discovery. These activities exclusively dedicated to an age category make it possible to propose tailor-made events for the very youngest of participants, from 6 months old, to young adults in the 18 to 32 years category! The contents are as varied as the age categories: introductions to music, treasure hunts, entertainments, challenges, musical drinks and more… An experience not to be missed, to discover the opera gently or with a flourish.


  • WED 12th OCT
  • WED 14th OCT
    3-5 YEAR OLD


  • WED 25th JAN
    6-8 YEAR OLD
  • WED 22th MARCH
    9-11 YEAR OLD
  • WED 17th MAY
    12-17 YEAR OLD

3pm |
Musical awakening, tales, discovery of musical instruments, dancing, singing, role playing…

Activities tailored to the age of the participants.
Registration 1 month before each session