A new higher performance supertitling system for Season 2019.20!


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The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège wishes to constantly improve the comfort in the concert hall and accessibility to the works performed. This is why six extra supertitling screens will be installed in the opera hall. A new bigger central screen will also be installed.

From season 2019.20, it will be possible to read the supertitling from any seat in the hall.

Furthermore, the operas will also be overtitled in English, in addition to French, Dutch, and German, as previously proposed to our audiences.

In response to the growing globalisation of audiences at our opera house, the addition of English overtitles will allow our visitors from abroad to also enjoy our productions in the best possible conditions.

Suite à l'évolution de la crise sanitaire, plusieurs spectacles et activités sont actuellement annulés. Cliquez ici pour le suivi de vos réservations.

Regarding the evolution of the health crisis, shows and activities are currently canceled. Click here to track your reservations.