At the intermission, the Bar Grétry Foyer (+ 2) and the Bar Salazar (+4) arrange to meet you to quench your thirst in a relaxed atmosphere.

As part of the “All Public” performances of the Young Public shows and the “Sunday Meeting”, the Bar du Foyer Grétry opens its doors one hour before and after each performance.

Info and reservations: +32 (0) 499/42 42 62 – info@leschefsopera.bewww.leschefsopera.be

Beverage tokens are available for sale from the opening of the doors of the Theater on days of representation (Hall and Honorary Stairs) or during the intermission (Foyer Grétry). For reasons of hygiene and cleanliness, it is not allowed to bring drinks and snacks into the building.

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Suite à l'évolution de la crise sanitaire, les spectacles et activités suivants sont annulés :  
Hamlet, La Traviata, Les Valses des Strauss, Un soir avec... (12 nov.)Les Vendredis de l'opéra ( 20 et 27 nov.) , Happy 200 ( 28 et 29 nov.).

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Regarding the evolution of the health crisis, the following shows and activities are canceled:
Hamlet, La TraviataLes Valses des StraussUn soir avec... (12th Nov.)Les Vendredis de l'opéra ( 20th & 27th Nov.) , Happy 200 ( 28th and 29th Nov.).
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