Are you wandering around with no idea where to go? This page offers you the information you need to discover the shows that suit you best! Among the 9 operas of this season, will you discover the rare gem?

Would you like to see an opera with grand, imposing sets and period costumes that make you dream? Or are you more interested in a classic, eye-catching production?
→ We recommend Lakmé, La Vie parisienne and I lombardi alla prima Crociata. 

Are you drawn to operas where the singers perform true vocal feat? The kind of show where the decibels will keep you glued to your seat all evening?
→ We recommend La Sonnambula, Adriana Lecouvreur and Dialogues des Carmélites.

Is this your first experience with opera and you are looking for a safe bet?
→ Go and listen
Lakmé, La Vie parisienne and Hamlet. 

 Would you like to go for shows with well-known composers, big names in the opera world?
We recommend you Verdi’s Alzira, Rossini’s Il Turco in Italia and Offenbach’s La Vie parisienne. 

Do you particularly like operas that offer a new vision, both sober and intense? Are you a fan of stagings where lighting and video have their place?
→ We recommend
 Alzira, La Sonnambula et Hamlet. 

Is dancing your thing? There’s nothing like it to enhance a show and your evening at the Opera…
We recommend Lakmé, La Vie parisienne, La Sonnambula and Adriana Lecouvreur. 

Would you like to enjoy a show with an entertaining storyline to spend a hilarious evening at the Opera?
→ Don’t hesitate and go see
 Il Turco in Italia and  La Vie parisienne.. 

 Are you a fan of tragic operas where everything ends badly?  Do you prefer dark, real drag stories where the egos of the powerful clash?
→ We invite you to discover
Hamlet, I Lombardi alla prima crociata and Dialogues des Carmélites 

For you, the Opera must bring a tear to your eye! Is a love story full of plot twists and unexpected developments your definition of opera? 
There’s a choice: Lakmé, Alzira, Adriana Lecouvreur and La Sonnambula. 

Do you get chills when you hear big choirs? Are you speechless when you hear a mass of sound that sweeps you off your feet?
→ You will love Alzira, La Vie parisienne
and  I Lombardi alla prima crociatate . 

 Looking for real facts set to music?
→ We recommend Adriana Lecouvreur
 et Dialogues des Carmélites. 

Do you like to travel and discover new places? Why not combine music with a change of scene?
→ Let yourself be surprised by Lakmé, Il Turco in Italia et I Lombardi alla prima Crociata. 

Would you like to choose a few operas of very different styles to get a contrasting view of our season? A bit of everything?

Here’s a little mix → Il Turco in Italia, I Lombardi alla prima Crociata et Dialogues des Carmélites 

Otherwise, don’t worry and choose a Classic J subscription so you don’t miss anything! 

Classique Subscribtion 9 operas

Rate Cat.1 Cat.2 Cat.3 Cat.4 Cat.5
YOUTH DISCOUNT | – 26 YEARS OLD €126 €99 €72 €36 €27
YOUTH DISCOUNT | 26-32 YEARS OLD €252 €198 €144 €72 €54

And for an evening for young people aged 18-32 : Jeudredi 13