During the show

  • “Curtain up” introduction

    All the opera performances are preceded by a general explanatory introduction which is organised by a speaker 30 minutes before the performance begins for a clear and insightful presentation of the work.

    NO « CURTAIN UP » introduction the December 31.

  • Super-titling

    For its spectators, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège provides a super-titling system in French, Dutch, German and English for each of the operas performed.

    The super-titling is present on 7 screens spread over the different levels of the concert hall for optimal visibility for all seat categories.


    Sponsored by the players of the

  • A better seat is available, can I sit on it ?

    For practical reasons, in particular last minute arrivals, we ask our spectators to respect the seat numbering mentioned on their tickets. This helps to avoid confusion and guarantees the serenity of all spectators.

  • Can I film or take photos during the performance?

    We would be grateful if you could turn off your mobile phone during the performance and we would like to remind you that it is forbidden to film, take photos or record during the performance.

  • If I am late, what should I do ?

    The doors of the concert hall are shut at the start of the performance. In order to respect the comfort of other spectators and artists, late arrivals shall be seated by the personnel in accordance with the remaining places in the concert hall.

    The places mentioned on the tickets will be accessible at the interval.

    No ticket refunds or exchanges shall be made in case of late arrival.