Frequently asked questions

  • Is the Opera still full?

    We offer a wide range of shows and dates and our venue is also divided into several categories, so availability is almost always possible. However, if a performance is sold out, seats may be released later, so we encourage you to join the waiting list if you are offered one.

  • Are there any discounted rates?

    Preferential rates are reserved for spectators under 33 years of age as well as for schools and associations . In addition, our subscription offers allow you to benefit from advantageous discounts without forgetting the special promotions that can also be carried out. Don’t hesitate to follow us on social networks and to subscribe to our newsletter in order not to miss any commercial news.

  • I would like to change the date of a show, what do I do?

    You can exchange your ticket(s) for another date up to 24 hours before the performance, subject to availability. You will be charged €3 per ticket exchanged (free for classic subscribers).

  • Are there places for people with reduced mobility?

    There are exclusive spaces available for people with reduced mobility.
    Our ticketing service is at your disposal if you wish to benefit from these spaces and the dedicated rate.

  • I have lost my ticket(s), what should I do?

    Our Ticket Office will be happy to provide you with a duplicate of your ticket(s).

  • I have a gift voucher, how can I book?

    Valid gift vouchers can be used online or at the counter.

  • How long before a performance do the doors open?

    The theatre doors open two hours before the performance and the concert hall doors open ½ an hour before the performance.

  • If I am late, what should I do ?

    The concert hall’s doors close as soon as the curtains open. The installation of latecomers in the concert hall is at the discretion of the reception staff and will depend on remaining availability in easily accessible places.

    In case of unavailability, a live on-screen broadcast will be made available. At the end of the interval, the seats mentioned on the tickets shall be available again. No refunds or ticket exchanges will be made for late arrivals.

  • I'm afraid I won't understand anything. How can I find out more about the opera I'm going to see?

    There are many tools available to you to help you gain a better understanding of the work you have chosen. Firstly, we recommend that you visit the page on our web site dedicated to the performance (from 30 days before the performance): you will find a teaser, an explanatory video as well as an information sheet about the show.

    On the day of the performance, come and meet us on the 2nd balcony for an educational presentation about the work, 30 minutes before the curtain raises. Lastly, on your entrance to the concert hall, you will be given a programme. If you want to find out more, then our conferences on the performance (Discopéra and An evening with…), will allow you to listen to and discover operas in a different way.

  • In which language are the operas sung?

    The works are sung in their original language. There is a super-titling system in French, Dutch, German and English displayed on 7 screens spread around the different floors of the concert hall in order to be visible to all the categories of places.

  • If a better place is unoccupied, can I move to it?

    For practical reasons, especially in the case of last-minute arrivals, the seat numbering mentioned on the ticket must be respected. This avoids confusion and guarantees tranquillity for all spectators.

  • How should I dress to come to the Opera?

    Whether you are in jeans and trainers or in something smarter, your choice of outfit is yours entirely.

    Come as you are: we want you to feel at ease.

  • Can I take photos or film the performances?

    It is forbidden to film and take photos of the performance as well as to record it.