Practical details

  • What should I wear?

    There is no particular dress code. Business attire is perfectly appropriate.

  • How long before the start of the performance should I arrive?

    For your convenience, we recommend that you arrive around 30 minutes before the start of the performance so that you can collect your tickets if don’t already have them or else attend the introduction to the performance (free presentation).

  • How long before the start of the performance are the doors opened?

    The bars of the Théâtre Royal de Liège open two hours before the performance. The auditorium is accessible half an hour before the performance

  • Can I smoke inside the Théâtre Royal de Liège?

    The Théâtre Royal de Liège operates a strict no-smoking policy which we would ask you to respect.

  • Do you hire out binoculars?

    We do not hire out binoculars but you are free to bring your own.

  • Is seating in numbered seats guaranteed?

    Out of respect for the audience and the performers, seating in numbered seats is guaranteed only until the curtain rises. No refund or exchange will be accepted in the event of late arrival.

  • Can I film or take photos during the performance?

    This is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to seize as a precautionary measure any technical media that has been used for recording and to seek compensation for the damages sustained.

  • How long does the performance last?

    Each production is different. The estimated duration of each of show is indicated on their webpage. The exact duration of each show is displayed the day of performance in the Hall and Box Office.

  • Is there an interval?

    There is usually an interval, but it is, however, preferable to check with the ticket office a week before the performances start.

  • In what language is the performance sung?

    Each production is different. We indicate the language in which each is sung on the page on our website dedicated to it. Please note that each performance has surtitles in French, Dutch and German.

  • From what age can I bring my child to the performance?

    That depends on the nature of the performance. For the opera shows, it is hard to imagine a child of under 6 attending a performance. We recommend that you enquire at the ticket office on a case by case basis. Please also note that we offer several productions aimed at young audiences each season.