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Did you know that you can visit the opera from the age of 6 months old? But it also boasts a whole host of ideas for outings for the whole family. If you are looking for a performance specially designed for young audiences, but which appeals to adults too, if you are seeking a fun and educational activity for your children, if you want to participate together in a cultural activity, then make your choice and enjoy an original outing!

First of all, our performances for young audiences are specially adapted in their duration (about one hour) and in their themes to help young people discover the opera gently or with a bang. With music, singing, lights, stage sets and costumes, an opera is a colourful and lively event filled with thrills. The children are sensitive to this and above all come without preconceived ideas or prejudices. In general, these performances encourage audience participation through rhythms, gestures or songs. Everything is set up to make you want to prepare and enjoy the show: educational booklets, learning material, etc. It is great fun and it makes for good memories, singing at the top of your voice on the way to school, for example!

If the participation includes singing, a relaxed rehearsal, one hour before the show, will be proposed to help you be completely at ease. It all comes at a very low price.

Why not a great opera? Children under the age of 14 can take advantage of a free place next to a paying adult for opera performances. For their child’s first experience, parents can choose a performance that they know will appeal to their child’s centres of interest… We advise you to book early, as soon as bookings open, generally in May.

To prepare for your visit, do not hesitate to consult all our on-line information sheets, browse our albums of rehearsal photo or watch our video briefs that present the performances!

As for activities, there are many to try out together, to discover the fantastic treasure trove of our set and costume workshops, to sing in a choir or to set out to conquer the backstage of our majestic theatre, and they are free!

There are others, by age category, from 4 to 17 years, where children and teenagers can meet up with friends of the same age. Some are specially reserved for a moment of complicity between parents and their babies .

If your children are older, then there is a page specially reserved for them! See Young people→

Finally, do not hesitate to discover and download from our website all our activities based on the opera (games, crafts, colouring, mazes, videos of fun visits here and there, etc.).