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Young People

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If you are aged between 18 and 32 years, then now is the time to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Opera! You can enjoy tailor-made activities and unbeatable prices just for you… It would be a shame to miss out!

To enjoy a superb evening at the opera and discover a performance, you only need to spend between € 2 and € 20 (for people under 26 years) or between € 4 and € 40 (for people between 26 and 32 years).

If you do not know which opera to choose, then think about which one appeals to you most: a well-known work whose famous tunes you will recognise? A surprising staging? A shorter opera as an appetiser? Visit our web site and go to the page “How to choose my performance”.

If you are hesitating when it comes to choosing the best place in the concert hall, then it is all a matter of taste! If you like to have an overview of the whole performance, it is best to take a seat in the balconies; to closely observe all the details of the sets and costumes, the stalls are the most appropriate; finally, to take advantage of the best acoustics, the fourth balcony is ideal.

In any case, book your places as early as possible: hurry to the ticket office or visit our web site when bookings open, generally in June.

As the performance you are going to see approaches, we provide a whole series of on-line tools enabling you to appreciate the show: video briefs, downloadable information sheets, rehearsal photos, interviews, etc. On the day, programmes are free, but if you do not want to read it alone, it is possible to go to the 3rd floor, 30 minutes before the performance, where a summary of the work is narrated by a presenter.

Apart from the performances, many activities are organised to discover the opera house in a different way. One of them is exclusively reserved for young people aged between 18 and 32 years.

We also recommend that you visit the Opera House for free, festive and enlightening events.