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Going to the opera with their teacher is often the first contact with lyrical art that the children experience. In the exceptional setting of the Opera Hall, everything is in place to allow them to discover this total art form in all its aspects: the thrills that it generates, the themes it covers, the artistic and technical know-how it requires, etc.

Each year the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège welcomes around 15,000 school children from all over Belgium to attend activities, rehearsals, or performances as part of their educational programme. Guided by their teachers, entering the Opéra and hearing this lyrical genre is most often a first for these young people and children. The sumptuous Théâtre makes their experience that much more exciting.

Attending an Opéra initiates them to a unique art form and the emotions it can procure. It’s also a time to reflect on society and its values when considering the themes tackled in operas. Last but not least a time to observe artistic and technical trades and know-how which justify recognition.

  • All educational establishments are welcome as of nursery school.
  • Programme suited to school specifications (times, duration, themes …)
  • Performances of major operas open to secondary school children and up.
  • Open rehearsals, guided tours and class activities can be organised.
  • Teaching aids are made available.

School programme and information for reservation will be available as of  September 1 (in french only)



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