Our shows have thrilled you, amazed you and fascinated you. You like our theatre and it is a pleasure to spend an evening here. Our opera house is your opera house and you can enhance its soul with your financial support.

Engrave a personalised brass plaque*

Have a proverb, saying, maxim or adage engraved on a brass plaque on the back of a premium category seat.

Choose to associate it with your name or that of a loved one. If you do not sign the plaque, some relatives may suspect that it is you. It will be up to you to reveal it to them… or not. This original mark on a nice plaque will provide extra soul, but also financial support to the Institution and to projects that are close to your heart such as:

→           Enabling the set design, costumes and accessories workshops to perpetuate their know-how.

→           Continuing to welcome the underprivileged, to build a more inclusive society.

→           Creating educational tools.

→           Implementing specific activities and a pricing policy in favour of young people.

→           Supporting the “Ever-greener opera” project.

→           etc.

For the sum of € 1,500, we create your plaque, which will remain on the back of a premium category seat for a period of three years.

Play the game and support your opera house!

* The mentions must respect the values of openness and tolerance of the institution, not ridiculing or criticising, without this being exhaustive. be exhaustive. They may not be degrading, stigmatising, incite hatred or violence. They shall not have any political connotations. political connotations. In the event of non-compliance, the Institution will reserve the right to veto.