L’Opéra en fusion, op. 2024

This is a collective creation freely inspired by the operatic repertoire and produced in partnership with the Federation of Youth Centers.

→ 3 Provinces
→ 9 Youth Centres
80 young people aged 14 to 25 years old
15 months of work
→ A serie of 4 performances in March 2024

Numerous transversal values and skills will come into play and will be acquired during this process such as:

→ the meeting between young people from different socio-cultural backgrounds around the lyrical art;
→ the possibility to express themselves, publicly, on subjects that are close to their hearts;
→ creating meaning while valuing the potential of each one;
→ bringing this collective creation and these talents into the public space through a show of professional level and in which the young people assume an analysis of work, a word and an artistic challenge.

In addition to the young people directly involved, this project will also reach a deliberately heterogeneous audience of 4,000 people (their friends and families, their classmates and teachers, the opera house audience, other members of youth centers, schools, etc.). This show, created by young people, will naturally be in tune with the young spectators who, in turn, will discover the Opera in a different way. For this public, extremely accessible price will be guaranteed.

This involvement of young people in creation reflects the Opera’s desire to be part of cultural democracy and to show that the Opera is a meeting place where diversity is the order of the day.

… Patience, they create!