Choeur Jeunes ORW

An innovative platform for emerging voices

The Young People’s Choir, created in 2024 to reinforce ORW-Liège’s commitment to young talent, offers a unique choral singing experience for young enthusiasts aged 18 to 32 years.

The Opéra Royal de Wallonie- Liège Young People’s Choir, created during the 2023-2024 season, in a spirit of innovation and openness, is aimed at young adults with a passion for singing. This initiative is open to amateurs of all levels, offering them an exceptional opportunity to develop their vocal talent without the need for any prior training. Focusing on vocal quality and motivation, the choir offers regular rehearsals and training sessions.

The choir is run by emblematic figures at the opera, namely Choirmaster Denis Segond and the Head of the Children’s Choir Véronique Tollet. Its programme includes a wide range of works, from musicals to commercial music via opera. This experience, which combines professional guidance and exposure to the stage, also aims to guide young people leaving the Children’s Choir towards continuing their lyrical career.

This choir is an initiative that reinforces ORW’s commitment to young people and provides a dynamic platform for the vocal development of young adults. This season, the Young People’s Choir will be on stage for the Music Festival, on 21st June 2025.

Young People’s Choir events