Community life

Do you work in a social welfare organization and want to offer an enriching activity to the groups you supervise? Are you a fan of performances and have vouchers for cultural activities? Consider the Opera!

For many years now, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège has been welcoming groups of people participating in a variety of projects to support culture as well as spectators who live under difficult social and/or economic conditions. We attach great importance to ensuring that everyone, whatever their background or experience, can enjoy the “opera” experience in the way that best suits their needs or desires.


If you are a member of the general public, remember that the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège makes places for performances available to people who benefit from Article 27 concessionary admission coupons. This offer is valid for all the performances on the programme! Bookings open one month before the first performance. All the necessary information can be found in the Article 27 cultural events brochure or requested at the opera’s ticket office. To discover the opera in a different way, we also recommend that you take part in our free or modestly priced activities.




For supervised groups, in partnership with the Article 27 Wallonia organisation unit, we propose various opportunities for cultural outings. Generally, the beneficiaries appreciate starting with a discovery of the venue. A guided tour brings the world of opera ‘down to earth’. Like all audiences, groups enjoy the privilege of backstage access; as for the architecture, it is a subject that brings together all cultures. Depending on availability and the schedule, it is sometimes possible to extend the visit or activity with a look (and a listen!) at a rehearsal. And to take it a step further, social purpose groups can get tickets for an opera preview or use concessionary tickets for a family performance.

The programme of activities and bookings are available from September onwards.

Whether you are an individual spectator or a group, we provide our visitors with a range of fun and informative on-line content: video briefs, rehearsal photos, interviews and information sheets. This helps you to prepare your visit and enjoy the performances to the full. Furthermore, the programmes for the performances are free and, 30 minutes before the performance of the opera, a summary of the work is narrated by a presenter.