Young People

Are you between 18 and 32 years old? Now is the time to take advantage of all the benefits the Opera has to offer! Tailored activities and unbeatable prices are exclusively yours… It would be a shame to miss out.

To enjoy a beautiful evening at the Opera and discover a performance, you only need to spend between 3 and 22 € (for those under 26) or between 6 and 44 € (for those aged 26-32).

You might  hesitate in choosing the best seat in the house? It’s all a matter of taste! If you like having an overview to grasp the show in its entirety, it’s better to take a place in the balconies; to observe all the details of the sets and costumes up close, the orchestra seats will be the most appropriate; finally, for the best acoustics, the fourth balcony is the ideal spot.

In any case, book your tickets as early as possible (rush to the Box Office or on our site as soon as bookings open, generally in June).

As your opera performance approaches, we provide a range of online tools to help you enjoy the show: video clips, educational sheets to download, rehearsal photos, interviews… On the day, if you don’t feel like reading the program alone, a summary of the work will be told to you 30 minutes before the show.


Beyond the performances, numerous activities are organized to discover the Opera in different ways. One of them is exclusively reserved for young people aged 18 to 32.


We also advise you to explore the Opera during free, festive, and enlightening events.


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