The purchaser hereby formally acknowledges that he or she has read and accepted the general terms of sale set out below, before completing purchase of the tickets. The conformation of the booking and payment for the seats by the customer implies that he or she has read and unreservedly accepts these terms of sale without reservations.

These general terms are applicable to any sale of tickets conducted by the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège or to actions linked to its web site.

Certain procedures specific to certain types of sale (to companies, groups or schools) may be specified in various Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège publications.

The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège acts:

  • As organiser for its own productions.
  • As a service provider for sales of tickets for its own productions.
  • As a partner and co-producer for certain joint productions.
  • As a service provider for other event organisers and/or theatre hall lessees. As such, under no circumstances can it be held liable for any possible changes in date, venue or price, or for cancellation of events stemming from a decision taken by the organisers or theatre hall lessees.


The tariffs and seat plans are available from the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège on our web site (, in the brochure for the season underway or can be issued on simple request. All the prices, seat plans and the seat categories are likely to be modified without notice. However, such modifications will not have any effect on bookings that have already been paid for.

The prices indicated in the brochure are the prices inclusive of tax for normal priced tickets bought on-site at the ticket office. These prices may incur surcharges for purchases on-line and/or via intermediaries.

The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège is not bound by any surcharges that may be added by intermediaries.

Only the seat number and category mentioned on the tickets issued shall be taken into account for allocation of seats.


Any seat booked must be paid for within the eight days that follow the booking. Once this period has elapsed, the seats will be automatically put on sale again without notice and without any contestation. The tickets shall only be delivered on full payment of the amount due and any eventual additional charges.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are available:
On site: cash, bank card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Edenred culture cheque, ticket article 27
Online: Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, Belfius DirectNet, iDeal, SOFORT Banking, Giropay, Sodexho culture cheque

Payment in instalments is possible for certain subscriptions, see our Ticket Office or our website


The applicable price is the price displayed at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège ticket office. No reductions are proposed directly at the ticket office.

Any possible reduction and promotional operations organised are announced by dedicated communication channels. They are only valid during the announced period of validity. It is the responsibility of the spectators who intend to benefit from such reductions or promotions to ask for them when booking seats. Any ticket purchased outside such periods shall not give right to any retrospective refund.

Modification or cancellation

Any confirmed booking makes the sale firm and definitive. Any modification or cancellation of the purchase is not possible. The data recorded by the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège constitutes proof of all the transactions occurring between the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège and its customers.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the ticket booking service because the transaction is made immediately. Furthermore, in compliance with article VI.53 of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, the purchaser does not have the right of withdrawal with regard to provision of services related to leisure activities if the contract stipulates, as is the case, a specific date or period of performance.

Collection of tickets

Tickets may be:

  • Printed by the purchaser or presented in electronic format by means of a smartphone or tablet PC screen.
  • Collected by the purchaser before the performance at the Liège Royal Theatre ticket office (Place de l’Opéra, 4000 Liège, Belgium) from 2 hours before the performance on presentation of the confirmation e-mail or identity papers until the closure of the theatre doors.
  • Sent by post up to 7 days before the performance date.

The number of tickets should be checked by the customer at the moment of delivery by our personnel. No claims at a later date shall be taken into account.

Specific fees may be charged depending on the choice of collection made or posting of tickets.


Any spectator who loses his or her ticket can obtain a duplicate on request from the Box Office.


Any spectator with a ticket who wishes to change the date of the initially chosen performance may select another date for the same performance for an administrative fee of € 3 per ticket, on the condition that this change is made 5 days before the initially chosen date. A new seat in the same category shall be assigned to the spectator if there are still seats available.
Classique subscription holders are able to change dates free of change if their request is made 72 hours before the performance to be changed.

Under no circumstances shall seats be refunded.

Access to the theatre hall

The Royal Theatre is open 2 hours before the start of the performance and the theatre hall is accessible half an hour before the start of the performance.

The ticket must be presented at the different check points put in place at the performance venue.

Each ticket only provides access to the performance mentioned for one single spectator. It will be checked via scanning of a unique QR code or verified manually by the theatre personnel.

The tickets are issued in the spectator’s name. The purchaser is responsible for how the ticket is used. Valid identity papers bearing a photo may be requested in order to identify the ticket holder.

The performances start at the time indicated on the ticket. Access to the theatre hall is no longer authorised once the doors are closed. Late arrivals will be taken by the reception personnel to the remaining seats in the theatre hall. If their seats have been occupied by other spectators, it will not be possible to re-establish the correct seating arrangement to avoid disrupting the performance. If no seats are available, spectators can watch the performance on a screen in the VIP zone until the interval. The seats mentioned on the ticket will be accessible at the end of the interval. No refunds or exchanges of tickets shall be made in the case of late arrivals.

The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège reserves the right to refuse access to the theatre hall for reasons of safety, respect of other users’ rights or attempted fraud. The ticket holder must comply with the theatre’s rules and regulations for all performances. During the performance, the theatre hall is under the supervision of the theatre manager.

It is forbidden to sell on or transfer tickets for commercial gain.

Any falsification or attempted fraud may result in prosecution.


The terms for taking out a subscription are available in the season’s brochure, on the web site and from the ticket office. They can vary according to whether you are renewing your subscription or taking out a new subscription, or according to the different subscription formulas on offer.

During the subscription period (between announcement of the season’s programme and opening of ticket sales), subscription seats are attributed first to spectators renewing their subscriptions then to new subscription customers. The number of performances purchased via a subscription is the second criterion for priority allocation. After the start of ticket sales, subscription seats are attributed in accordance with availability of seats.
It is recommended that subscription customers who wish to be seated together make a joint or shared subscription application.

Refunds and exchanges

The tickets issued cannot be returned, refunded or re-sold. They are solely valid for the performance for which they have been issued.

In the case where we cancel the performance or it is interrupted during its first half, they may be exchanged for another date, depending on seat availability, but in the case of interruption of a performance after its first half, they cannot be exchanged for another date or refunded.

All ticket holders shall refrain from using their ticket for promotional or commercial purposes without express prior agreement of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège. Should they fail to do this, they will be liable to be prosecuted.

  • In the case of cancellation or postponement of a performance.
  • For the content of the performance.
  • For a change in casting.
  • For absence or any modification of the programme.
  • For a change in the time of the performance.
  • For a change in the allocation of seats following an alteration of the theatre seat plan.
  • For the visibility of the stage and/or the sub-titles from the seats (information concerning visibility is available from the ticket office service).

Consequently, no compensation or reimbursement shall be made in case of disputes concerning the elements mentioned above and listed non-exhaustively.

In any case, refunds shall only be made by bank transfer.


Sub-titling is a free service offered to spectators. It is not included in the ticket price. Consequently, the absence of sub-titles due to a problem with the equipment or any other cause, as well as non-visibility from certain seats, shall not give any right to refunds or compensation of any kind.

The purchaser is invited to contact the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège ticket office to check which seats allow visibility of the sub-titles.

Visual or audio recordings

Any performance may be photographed, recorded on video, broadcast on television or aired by any other means organised by the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège. In such a case, spectators are informed of this fact by notices before entering the theatre hall.

By purchasing a ticket or signing up for one of our activities, the customer accepts to be possibly filmed or photographed and that the image is then published lawfully, proportionately, and non-covertly. Furthermore, this use must not cause abnormal disturbance or harm. In case of doubt regarding possible infringement of his or her right to control his or her image, the customer is invited to contact our theatre hall personnel in order to allow adoption of preventive measures.

The tickets do not confer any rights to a recording of the performance by the customer. Any recording, in whatever form, including photographs, is strictly forbidden. The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège reserves the right to take legal proceedings to compensate for the damages suffered.

Reduced mobility

Places have been created in the theatre hall for persons with reduce mobility and their chaperones at the rear of the stalls. Persons with reduce mobility are invited to notify the time of their arrival when booking. The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège as well as the reception personnel will take the necessary measures to ensure that their evening runs smoothly.

On-line purchases

For all purchases made on-line on, after the different booking stages, the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail with details of the transaction, payment method and booking number. The booking shall only be deemed firm and definitive after reception of this confirmation from the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège. From this moment, no refunds will be possible except in cases covered in point “Refunds and exchanges” of these general terms of sale.


We do not accept any cancellations after payment for the seats by the customer. With regard to the performance, it is considered that the relations established between the Theatre that announces a performance, indicates the price of seats and publicises the time of the performance, and the spectator who purchases a ticket, regardless of the payment method (bank transfer, credit card, cash, cheque, money order, etc.), are contractual relations. Under such terms, it is only in the case were the performance company does not fulfil its obligations that the spectator can request a refund or contest the contract.


Any contestation, of whatever nature, must be made in writing on the same evening as the performance in question or at the latest the following day. No complaints made at a later date shall be accepted.

These general terms of sale cover the entire contractual relations between the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège and the purchaser and take precedence over the purchaser’s general terms.

The relations between the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège and the purchaser are solely governed by Belgian law. In the case of any possible disputes, the sole competent courts are those of the Liège legal district.

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs

Mobile phones, smartphones and tablet PCs must imperatively be turned off during performances.


Cloakrooms are free to use. For security reasons, it is compulsory to leave coats, overcoats, umbrellas and bulky items in accordance with the theatre hall personnel’s instructions.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke or use electronic cigarettes in all the premises of the Royal Theatre.

Drinks and food

For reasons of hygiene and cleanliness, it is forbidden to drink or eat inside the theatre hall.

The theatre possesses catering venues or bars in the Foyer Grétry (2nd floor) and Salazar Bar (4th floor). The public is invited to check on the accessibility of these premises which may vary according to the performance.

Car parks

Several paying car parks not linked to the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège are accessible near to the performance venue. Spectators are invited to familiarise themselves with the terms granted by some of them to customers of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège.

Programmes and introduction to the performance

The opera performances may be preceded by a free 30-minute long introduction before the start of the performance.

A programme is made available for most concerts. The possible shortcomings or absence of this service shall under no circumstances be a grounds for complaints.


The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège does not accept any liability with regard to damages, of whatever nature, that may be likely to affect the belongings, objects or equipment brought by spectators and which have not been left in the premises designed for this purpose, under the constant surveillance of our personnel. Spectators are liable for any direct or indirect damage that they may cause during their presence at the Liège Royal Theatre.

The liability of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège is restricted to the cover provided by its insurance policies.

 Purchasers’ contact details

The purchaser gives his or her explicit agreement to provide accurate, current and comprehensive contact details on booking his or her ticket(s). Such data is essential in allocating numbered seats to the purchaser and enabling the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège to inform the purchaser in case of a change in programme or cancellation. The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège reserves the right, when it has reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, to refuse or cancel the requested transaction. This data will be kept and used in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège respects the Belgian law of 8th December 1992 concerning protection of privacy and processing of personal data, its various modifications and in particular the implementation of relevant EC directives. It is expected that the consent of the person in question is obtained before collecting their personal data; that this personal data must be relevant, appropriate and accurate; and finally that this data must be gathered for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes. Through becoming a customer of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège via the purchase of a ticket or by signing up to any of our activities, the contact details of the purchaser shall be incorporated into our database. The customer shall be informed by post, telephone, e-mail or verbally of changes to our activities. In compliance with the declaration to respect privacy, available from our ticket office and on our web site,, the personal data of the customers is accessible. Customers can modify, rectify or delete wording concerning preferences or personal data. This right to accessing personal data can be exercised via a letter sent to the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège ticket office at Place de l’Opéra à 4000 Liège or via an e-mail to or by another electronic means available on the web site. Any additional information can be obtained from the Data Protection Authority.

Legal notice

Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège, Lyrical Centre of the French-speaking community

Head office: 1, Rue des Dominicains, B-4000 Liège, Belgium
Legal representative: Stefano Pace, Manging Director and Artistic Director
Business number: BE 0426.262.540