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Whether you have known our Opera House for a long time or only recently, whether you are a regular or occasional visitor, whether you are an enthusiast or just curious, you are an integral part of our audience. At the ORW, we are keen to involve you more and more in the life of our Opera House and its projects. There are several ways in which we can best respond to your wishes and your desire to get involved.

 The Cercle Grétry Donations and legacies  Duo legacies 

The Cercle Grétry

Joining the Cercle Grétry means becoming part of a group of passionate individuals eager to contribute to the smooth running of the ORW and the success of its significant and committed projects.

Every donation is precious

By deciding to join the Cercle Grétry, you express your attachment to the Opera and experience exclusive moments closely connected to its activities. Indeed, the numerous privileges enjoyed by the Circle’s members place them at the very heart of our Institution’s life.

Enter the Cercle Grétry and become a craftsman of Culture, a defender of lyrical art, and an ambassador of the influence of this House. Your commitment makes a significant difference; it shapes a future where opera continues to inspire, move people, and positively impact lives.

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The Cercle Grétry’s privileges

Cercle Grétry susbscribtion

Donations and legacies

Whether through its educational, social or environmental commitment, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège aims to be a place open to all. Through your support, you actively contribute, alongside us, to the success of numerous projects.

Every donation is precious

By making a donation, you show your commitment by supporting a series of projects with a high human value that promote openness, stimulate creativity and excellence and work towards sustainability and durability.

Support these projects, with us, by supporting those that are close to your heart. Donations are tax-deductible from €40.

Make your support concrete on the account of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège:

BE 05 2400 0663 2275 (BIC: GEBABEBB) or when purchasing via our online ticketing service.

+32 (0) 4 232 42 58

Duo legacies : another way of passing on

You have no direct heir and you would like to leave your estate to a loved one without being taxed too much? As the Royal Opera of Wallonia-Liège is not heavily taxed, it will take care of paying all inheritance taxes, with a greater final gain for your distant heirs and support for the Opera.

Fiscally advantageous for all, the duo bequest offers a way of passing on in a different way and, at the same time, of supporting the educational, social or environmental commitments and projects of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège.

+32 (0) 4 232 42 46