Opera for all


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At the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège, special attention is reserved for pupils, students and their teachers. Whether they are from general, technical, vocational, artistic or specialised establishments, schools will always be able to find a link to learning at the opera house.

Coming to the Opera involves discovering a unique art form and the thrills that it can provoke; it also involves reflecting on society and its values through the themes addressed; it involves discovering the breath-taking architecture of the concert hall; and lastly, it involves coming into contact with crafts and know-how that deserve to be known and promoted. More than 10,000 young people and children, from the age of 4 years, from the four corners of Belgium, each year attend performances and activities put on by the opera.

Whether you are a nursery, primary, secondary or higher education teacher, we will help you to find an activity that corresponds with your teaching goals!

→ Open rehearsals

Participatory performances for young audiences in the morning or afternoon during school times and days.

Opera evenings, with preparatory activities.

Guided tours that can be adapted depending on the project of your class.

Educational tools can be made available to prepare your students, such as presentation files, soundtracks and learning videos… In addition, dynamic classroom preparations are organised for primary and nursery schools, in collaboration with the Jeunesses Musicales de Liège music promotion association.

As for older children, they can focus on our plentiful on-line publications (backstage photos, interviews, pitches of performances, presentation briefs, etc.).

To help you make your choice and to book early, a programme is available from the end of August.