The Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège has for many years maintained a natural collaboration with the Conservatoire royal de Liège and IMEP de Namur music academies: while both educational institutions provide a high level of training, the opera house gives their students, singers or instrumentalists, the opportunity to participate in several productions. Through immersion in the rehearsal process, in contact with conductors and members of the orchestra or choir, students can familiarise themselves with their future profession and its particularities.

This season, we will be welcoming the musicians and artists from the choirs of the CRLg and IMEP for several productions.

The Conservatoire royal de Liège is a Wallonia-Brussels Federation higher school of arts and provides higher level artistic training in the fields of Music and Theatre. Called the “École royale de musique et de chant” on its foundation in 1826, the institution became the first Royal music academy in 1830 of the young Belgian nation. Established since 1887 in the premises on Rue Forgeur, the Conservatoire Royal has seen a considerable number of personalities who have marked Belgian and international musical life pass through its doors as teachers or students.

Founded in 1970, the Institut royal de Musique et de Pédagogie (IMEP) has occupied since 2014 a building especially dedicated to teaching music in the heart of the Namur district of Salzinnes. A place for exchanges and encounters that defines itself as open to the world and to current musical and societal practices, the IMEP is an important player in the training of young artists in French-speaking Belgium.