Aleksandra Kurzak & Roberto Alagna

Aleksandra Kurzak and Roberto Alagna, a glamourous couple on stage as well as off it, produced their first joint recording in 2018, which was an immense success, encountering unanimous acclaim, based on the finest love duets written by Puccini and named Puccini in Love, an overwhelming recital that they will be performing on our stage.

Aleksandra Kurzak was born in Brzeg Dolny, in Poland. From the age of 7 years, she took music lessons, but her real passion was singing! She went on to study at the Wroclaw music academy in Poland and Hamburg and became a soprano. After her debut at the Wroclaw Opera and a period as a member of the Hamburg Staatsoper troop, where she tackled styles as varied as baroque, bel canto or major romantic roles, her career took off, taking on a more international dimension and her talent was unanimously hailed. She now features among the very best of current opera singers. She has performed on stages throughout the world and is familiar with all the major soprano roles. In 2015, she married the famous tenor Roberto Alagna, with whom she often performs.

Roberto Alagna is a self-taught singer, introduced to the discipline by his family of musicians. He first performed in cabarets and concert halls. It was at this time that he met a teacher who introduced him to the operatic repertoire and helped him to gain admission, in 1987, to the Ecole de l’Opéra de Paris school. This decisive moment in his life was followed by a triumph at the Pavarotti International Voice Competition, in 1988, which propelled him into the spotlight. The world was at his feet. His clear tone, acting abilities, perfectionism, power and immaculate elocution in French and Italian have made him one of the world’s most identifiable talents. Thanks to his musical suppleness, enthusiasm and simplicity, he elegantly navigates between the grand operatic repertoire, commercial music and projects with high media profiles.



Part 1


Tosca • « Mario, Mario…son qui » (Aleksandra Kurzak et Roberto Alagna)

Tosca • Prélude de l’acte 3 (Orchestre)

Tosca • « Recondita armonia » (Roberto Alagna)

Tosca • « Vissi d´arte » (Aleksandra Kurzak)

Manon Lescaut • Intermezzo (Orchestre)

Manon Lescaut « Tu, tu, amore tu » (Aleksandra Kurzak et Roberto Alagna)


Part 2


Madama Butterfly • « Viene la sera… » (Aleksandra Kurzak et Roberto Alagna)

Madama Butterfly • Prélude de l’acte 3 (Orchestre)

Madama Butterfly • « Tu, tu…piccolo Iddio » (Aleksandra Kurzak)

La Rondine • « Parigi! È la città dei desideri » (Roberto Alagna)

Le Villi • La Tregenda (Orchestre)

La Bohème • « O soave fanciulla » (Aleksandra Kurzak et Roberto Alagna)