Johann Strauss, the father, the son and the spirit of the waltz

Music that makes you feel good

In Vienna, the waltz has a name: Strauss. The unwavering (and often imitated!) international success of the famous New Year’s Concert in Vienna, as well as the success of hundreds and thousands of recordings of waltzes, polkas and other galops that have sprung from the pens of the Strauss dynasty has reinforced the interest that is expressed for this music “that makes you feel good”: in the current tough times we are experiencing, this is not just useful, it is essential !

The Strauss dynasty, from the father born in 1804 to the son who died in 1899, almost covers an entire century:  Alain Duault tells the story in music of this century as well as the extraordinary history of this family.


Sperl-Galopp, op. 42
Wiener Blut • « Grüss dich Gott »
Marianka Polka, op. 173
Paris Walzer, op. 101
Loreley-Rhein-Klänge, op. 154
Radetzky Marsch, op. 228

Annen Polka, op. 117
Pizzicato Polka
An der Schönen blauen Donau, op. 314
Die Fledermaus • « Mein Herr Marquis »
Eine Nacht in Venedig • « Was mir zer »
Der Zigeunerbaron • « So elend und »
Kaiser Walzer, op. 437