Participative opera Young audience 2024-2025

La belle et franche aventure de Petit-Guillaume

Freely inspired by Rossini's William Tell





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From 5 Years old

The story

In a charming village set amidst towering mountains, Little William makes his home. This bold and quick-tempered boy spends his afternoons honing his skills with a crossbow, aiming to become a champion—a goal within his reach, no doubt. However, Little William and the villagers live under the shadow of Gessler’s tyrannical rule, a name that strikes fear into their hearts. Gessler, obsessed with power, seeks to dominate at all costs. But change is in the air. Armed with a fierce desire for freedom, Little William is no longer willing to be oppressed. He’s ready to etch his name into the annals of history and become a legend among peers. Who’s ready to stand beside this daring hero in his quest to right the wrongs?