Coproduction :

Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège – Opéra Comique – Opéra de Lausanne

The story

In Madrid, Angèle is a young novice nun from an aristocratic family who disguises herself to attend, incognito, a ball held by the Queen of Spain. Seduced by the handsome Horace, she tries her utmost to flee this guilty love, by entering the convent to pronounce her religious vows and become the abbess. However, the Queen decides to grant her the husband of her choice… Horace!

A costume…

Le Domino noir after which the work is named is a carnival costume made up of a long dress right down to the feet and also with a hood. It is the ideal disguise for going unnoticed. It foretells the many misunderstandings and much confusion that enliven this (very!) comic opera. It was the biggest success of Auber who achieved, in 1837, after Fra Diavolo, La Muette de Portici and before his Manon Lescaut, performed on our stage in spring 2016, one of his finest scores: sparkling, joyful and full of invention. The work went on to be performed more than one thousand times in the 19th century!

Paradoxically, Le Domino noir has disappeared from modern stages and, over the last 20 years, has only been performed once, in 2003 in Venice. Although it was performed in Liege as early as in 1838, the adventures of Angèle and Horace have not delighted the people of Liege since. And yet, the arias are appealing, full of virtuosity and brimming with spirit.

Le Domino noir is a new co-production with the Opéra Comique and will be reserving its first performance for Liege!

Performed for the first time at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège!