About the Polycarpe Foundation…

The Polycarpe Foundation was created in 2014 in Brussels and is the fruit of a shared passion for opera and the arts of the stage. It started as a philanthropic desire and has transformed into a veritable mission, which is to give broader promotion to arts and culture worldwide.

Since its creation, the Foundation has already supported many ambitious projects. All of them aim to make a difference in themes that are dear to the Foundation: peace, tenderness, humour and beauty. Its array of actions has been modelled by its open-mindedness and comes in the form of awarding prizes and grants to young talents as well as funding cultural events. This plural approach allows unique initiatives to continue their activity and for others to come into being. This openness to other horizons is the guiding light for the vision and philanthropy of the Polycarpe Foundation.

The Foundation is notably behind the creation of a unique major competition: the Polycarpe International Competition in partnership with the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège, which rewards three young orchestra conductors, every three years. It is therefore very much a shared adventure, in which the Foundation not only intends to accompany project developers, but also to facilitate the best partnerships – those which inspire and encourage contemporary creation.

The Polycarpe Foundation is a public interest foundation which first and foremost supports artistic projects that pacify and reconcile the world of today.

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