• La Damnation de Faust

    From 01/25 to 02/5

    Faust, a savant and philosopher maltreated by life, is about to commit suicide when Mephisto appears, promising to reveal to him the countless beauties of the world. 

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  • La Flûte enchantée

    From 01/27 to 04/21

    The young prince Tamino promises the Queen of the Night that he will release her daughter, the gentle Pamina, kidnapped by the Grand Priest Sarastro. 

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  • Vangelo (Evangile)

    From 02/18 to 02/19

    Premiered in December 2015 in Zagreb, Vangelo takes the form of a lay mass that blends laughter, ridicule, melodrama, tenderness and respect.

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  • Jerusalem

    From 03/17 to 03/25

    Roger, a jealous lover, kills his brother Raymond by mistake. Full of remorse, he goes into exile in the Holy Land. He helps the crusaders to liberate Jerusalem and renounces love.

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