Opening the stage to young people, letting them express their talents through artistic projects by offering them professional guidance, is a means of contributing to the social, personal and cultural emancipation of young people. It also involves sharing exceptional musical and architectural heritage, while encouraging mutual enrichment. The MJ youth organisations welcome young people aged between 12 and 26 as a priority, without discrimination, with the aim of education and the development of citizenship. In the heart of a neighbourhood, a town or a city, MJ youth organisations offer young people the opportunity to express who they are, what they are experiencing and what they want, thanks to the supervision of a team of professional youth workers. The young people who go there are also involved in many artistic disciplines.

By joining forces with these structures and their youth workers from all over Wallonia, supported by their federation, the FMJ-ASBL, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège intends to fully meet its objectives of openness, transmission and encouragement of excellence.

This season, more than 80 young people, supported by professionals from the entertainment world, will take to the stage to present a performance on the theme of emotions and human relationships. This performance, which is the fruit of 15 months of work, will be the result of a combination of the musical and emotional heritage of the opera repertoire and what young people want to say about it, today, with their experiences and their feelings. An opera in fusion…