Since the opera house and dance are closely linked, it was only natural for the Opera Royal de Wallonie-Liège to give its backing to the Mosa Ballet School. Consequently, the two institutions signed an agreement making them veritable artistic, educational and operational partners over the long term, with the shared goal of teaching and disseminating culture to the widest audience possible and through many different channels. This promising collaboration will particularly see the pupils of the Mosa Ballet School take part, as extras or dancers, in performances at the opera house.

The Mosa Ballet School is a newcomer to the cultural and educational landscape of the Liège region and opened its doors in 2022 in Liège with approximately one hundred students, from Belgium and abroad. This atypical establishment came into being on the initiative of two dance enthusiasts who wished to create a school that would offer young dancers between 12 and 18 years the possibility of training at the highest level for this demanding and delicate art.