Excellence in every way

For some fifty years now, the Opera has been proud to have its own set and costume design workshops. They are a breeding ground for Walloon know-how that we export internationally and that allow us artistic independence and greater creative freedom. Each show requires costumes, hats, wigs, accessories, etc., as well as numerous painted wooden panels behind which lies an unsuspected know-how: welding. All our sets are in fact consolidated by metal structures welded to each other.

Even if this expertise is not visible to the viewer, it requires great attention because it is the skeleton of the set. It is the basis of everything. These structures must therefore be impeccable. Thus, in order to maintain the excellence for which we are known, while at the same time being faster, it is necessary that certain machines or pieces of furniture be regularly purchased or renewed. There is now a greater number of new productions per season.

This is why the choice of project for the 2023-2024 season has been made for a new welding table for the design workshops. This will allow the welders to work more precisely and save a lot of time.