The ORW wants to be an agent of change in the fundamental issues of our time. Presented in the previous brochure, the “Green Operaproject inaugurated the ecological transition of our House. Wishing to honor our commitments and aware that the diagnosis precedes the cure, we have commissioned a detailed carbon assessment of our Theatre. This report not only provides a complete analysis of our ecological footprint, but above all, it proposes a number of avenues for change that invite us to rethink our habits and practices.

Therefore, limiting our paper consumption is an essential point among our objectives. At present, the voluminous scores of our choir and orchestra, with more than 110 artists, represent a significant number of printouts made for each opera and concert. We now wish to begin a progressive replacement of these supports by the use of digital tablets. In addition to its ecological character, this technology will facilitate annotations, make exchanges between the conductors and their ensemble more fluid, and allow for considerable space savings thanks to virtual archiving.

Through this concrete act, Opéra de Liège wants to mark its entry into the 21st century, both in terms of its social responsibility and its openness to modernity.