Values and projects of a commited Opera

Our values

Over time, our House has affirmed an ever more pronounced identity. The high quality of our artistic productions has become a permanent feature and the numerous social and educational initiatives have demonstrated the full scope of our institution’s social role.

Our values of ExcellenceSustainability and Openness guide our daily actions, which find their concrete translation through our various projects.

Our projects


High level phalanxes

Working with the most famous soloists, the Orchestra and Choir of the ORW are made up of members who came from particularly demanding selections. This rigorous approach has helped to establish their reputation as renowned artistic ensembles in the field of opera, and they have made a name for themselves on the international music scene.

Exceptional craftsmanship

Our workshops are made up of passionate craftsmen with rare and precious skills. These structures are an amazing tool for creation and artistic freedom, passing on from generation to generation a living heritage that contributes greatly to the renown of our productions around the world.


Young talents

Training young musical talent is very important for the ORW. In addition to the free courses given at the Maîtrise, the ORW has been organising the International Opera Conductors Competition since 2017, enabling promising young conductors to be discovered. We also work with renowned training centres to support young Belgian singers.

An essential ecological transition

The ecological transition is on, following the completion of its carbon footprint assessment, the ORW is developing best practices aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of the production of sets and costumes as well as the day-to-day running of the various departments.


Mediation projects

The ORW aims to be inclusive through outreach projects such as L’Opéra en fusion, a participatory work involving more than 80 young people from diverse backgrounds. This project illustrates our commitment to integrating young people into the world of Opera, and to contributing to individual well-being and social cohesion through culture.

Pricing policy

Our Opera aims to be widely accessible. We therefore maintain one of the most democratic pricing policies in Europe, particularly in favour of young people and “Article 27” members.